A Blessing and A Curse

There is an ancient text that I am often reminded of daily. It comes from the Bible. Now I am an amateur on the Bible but I think it is a useful text for our day to day. It says “Behold, I set before you this day a blessing and a curse…” It then goes on to say that that the blessings come when you follow the commandments and curses come when you don’t.

Here’s the thing, we are all involved in things that have certain “commandments” or rules to have success in whatever that thing happens to be. If you want to be successful in school there are rules, in weight loss there are rules, in business there are rules. Sets of laws in that endeavor that will enable it to become a blessing or a curse. Nothing just happens by accident.

So if you were in school what would some commandments be? It's easy! Study, do your homework, keep showing up every day, and PAY ATTENTION! So for most people, if you do those things then school can be a blessing for you. But if you DECIDE not to do the things that will lead you to that success of graduation you have to deal with what some would call the curse of not graduating.

If you own a traditional business there will be certain things you will need to do to have success. Now with every business it will be different but you will know what is necessary and if you don’t the knowledge can be sought out. If you do the things and make the choices necessary to have success then that business can be a blessing for you. But the selfsame business an be a curse if you don’t do the things that you need to do. It can cause all kinds of devastation. Financial devastation, emotional devastation, and you can be so stressed that your health begins to fail as well.

For example, in one of my businesses, it is IMPERATIVE to meet and interact with new people on a regular and consistent basis. In this business, I function as a consultant and guide people to resources that can assist them. What if I were to DECIDE that I didn’t feel like talking to people. That business would be a curse. Why? My expenses haven’t changed but my income would. In my clothing business, it is essential to increase your reach every single day. No days off. In apparel, if your items are quality, your job is to increase the number of eyes that see your products and to get better at your ask. If you don’t those business expenses will become a curse to you and the business that was a blessing will become a curse.

Just because something is a blessing today doesn’t mean it will stay that way. A curse in disguise. And a curse could become a blessing in disguise.

Which will you choose? To make sure that choice is a blessing or to allow to become a curse?

Which one will I choose? Time will either promote you (blessing) or expose you (curse).

As always, Success is a choice, and either you dictate your life or you will have your life dictated to you. It’s time to think….. It’s time to dream….. It’s time to live…..

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