Lets get it together!!

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Lets get it together!!

It is a shame that most of the things that I write seem to be about negative situations that just make sense in my mind anymore.

Take for instance a conversation I had this week, there was a lady who said she would be poor this week because there were no real hours at work for her to work. Now family don’t misunderstand what I am saying, I used to think the same way. Once someone takes the time to enlighten you, however, your mind can never go back. Over time and pretty harshly I have been taught some valuable lessons and basic principles about how money works. Principles that enable you to function virtually the same in times of plenty as you do in time of lack.

One of those principles was to pay yourself 1st. Now before I get some kind of hate mail I know there are those who say pay your tithes 1st and you would be right. For those folks, after that pay yourself first. Now understand that was super difficult at first because it required a fundamental shift in my thinking. Moving from a poverty consciousness to a wealth consciousness. My previous way of thinking was that if I got 100 I spent at least 100 of it. The new way I would receive 100 and put 5 or 10 away in a savings account. Guess what happened. I was NEVER broke again. As time went on what was once hard became easy until it was easier to pay myself first than to not do it. And the funny thing was the amount didn’t even matter. What did matter was the discipline that you develop to JUST DO IT, no matter what the situation looks like. Just remember that you can eat an entire elephant, if you do it one bite at a time.

I was told about two studies done several years ago to show where Americans were financially. The first was by the bankruptcy courts. They said that if the majority of Americans earned an additional 300–500 dollars monthly then the bankruptcy system would not even EXIST. Of course, I beg to differ I say if they made that extra and didn’t spend it frivolously it would not exist. The second study found that most americans have enough cash reserves to pay about two months of expenses before they go totally under. That means that for most people that if something happens to their j.o.b. and they can’t find something within 60 days, they are out on the street.

Here’s the thing, where do you find yourself at today. Because you have read this you can no longer say you have not heard. Throughout the 20 or so books I have read on the subject of wealth and financial abundance, they have all said the first two things you MUST do to begin to take control of your finances is; pay yourself first and spend less than you earn. Its sounds so simple and yet because it is most will think that cannot be it. We say things like “If I could just earn some more things would be ok.” I beseech unto you today to see another viewpoint. THAT IT IS NOT ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU MAKE, IT IS ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU KEEP!

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