Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Just in case you were wondering, this was me 13 years ago as we prepared to leave Iraq for the last time. We had just done another seven months deployment in country. We all survived numerous rocket and mortar attacks on the base and we were just finishing up the process of packing up our equipment and the 13 aircraft to be shipped back to the United States.  This was me after we had just finished back to back seven-month deployments where we had spent 14 out of the previous 24 months on the ground in Iraq.

Every veteran has had to make some level of sacrifice and service to the nation. While the vast majority of us served with pride and dignity and were able to come home there are those who paid the ultimate price. Memorial day is designed to celebrate and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice and their families who are left behind.

On this Monday I would ask that you take just a moment while you’re grilling those hotdogs and burgers to raise a glass of your favorite beverage and thank those veterans that you never knew and were never going to meet for paying the price in order to preserve our way of life. It's a day to memorialize all the fallen from 1776 to the present day. 

To any of my Marine brothers and sisters that may read this, Semper Fidelis. To all my other comrades in arms, Thank You for taking the oath. 

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