We started a podcast!

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We started a podcast!

So this will be a slightly different type of post. I'm excited to tell you all that there will be two Podcasts that we will be posting in addition to our written blog.

The First one is called Kingly Conversations.  It was born by an idea 15 years ago. My two partners and I had visions of doing personal growth and development talks on stage.  We thought we could be the next Jim Rohn or Zig Ziglar.  We really just wanted to be able to share what we were learning with people that usually wouldn't have the opportunity to hear it. At the time, I'd spend well over $1000 on my personal growth and development. Let me be clear programs like "Challenge to Succeed" can change everything.  We knew that most people either wouldn't or couldn't pay for somebody to show them how to live better than they already are. 

The plan was, once we returned from Iraq, to start doing free talks. Think of them like free TED talks. What really happened though was my friends got married and had kids and while that is not a reason, I understood that their priorities would change.

However a dream differed is not a dream denied. This is the first episode.  We will get better with time. So subscribe and come on the journey with us.


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