Who are you anyway?

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Who are you anyway?

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”

This was a quote from one of my many audio mentors that stuck with me. This was back when I didn’t believe you could change the entire direction of your life with the proper education and motivation.

The problem I find is that very few people even realize things could be VASTLY better than they currently are. I guess there is some merit to being oblivious. You never actually know that life could be better and as a result you never are disappointed that it isn’t. That is, until somebody comes along who you don’t believe is “better than you” but is doing better than you. It is easy to brush off the athlete from high school or college who goes on to greatness but what about that person who barely made it and is now living a lifestyle that is a #certifiedbeast? I find that they either met someone along their journey OR someone gave them a book. That book led to another, which led to another, and another. Then a few years later they were driving what they wanted to drive, wearing what they wanted to wear, and taking full responsibility for how their life turned out. The vast majority want to blame the democrats, or the republicans, or their mamma, or their daddy, or fill in the blank.

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The truth is there is some blame to be placed on where you start, your road may be tougher than someone else’s. You may have a harder road than some others you may know but one of my mentors said it this way, “You have further to go but you also have more to gain.” At the end of the day if you don’t like it, somebody has to change it. Why not you? Why not now? Why not start today? Most of us, me included, tend to overestimate what they can get done in a month or in 6 months. Then they drastically underestimate what they can get done in 2–5 years. Give yourself time because the truth is it takes the rest of your life to fail. Get around people whose success makes you slightly uncomfortable. Learn what they know. Or don’t, at the end of the day it’s your decision. I made a decision long ago to continue toward my goals and dreams. Sometimes it's at a snail's pace and sometimes it’s and all out sprint. Either way you can’t quit. Because in the end it is true. It really does take the rest of your life to fail.

Most of the people that I come into contact with on a daily basis have had their dreams beat out of them by the day to day rigors of life. They have lost that childlike enthusiasm. They no longer have the ability to even want to be further ahead than they already are. I read an ancient text that says a good person leaves an inheritance for their children's children. Most of the people that I have grown up around have only left their family heartache and debt when they departed this world. Now I understand there are a lot of ways to leave an inheritance. It could be spiritual, financial, material, work ethic amongst many other things. Increasingly I find that people who aren’t living the life that they desire to live don’t leave those other things either.

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To leave anything to live beyond your life takes planning, it takes decision, and it takes forethought. It is raising your children on purpose, and not haphazardly. It is continuing to do what you have done for your income but figuring out how to put overalls on your money and sending out to work for you. It is reading books or attending classes on how to release debt. It is going to the gym and doing weight bearing exercise or whatever will relieve stress. It is planning some type of leisure even if it doesn’t cost you anything. It is taking time to unplug from the world and live in the moment sometimes. All of these things take planning and forethought. It is my belief that you and the people that you care about will be better people and have something to leave when you are gone.

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For me it will be a lot of things. My children will see my work ethic. I will take them with me to business event and everywhere that I can so that by being around different type of people it will help them to be more well rounded and to be able to function in different communities of people.

I will leave the books that I plan to write and the audio books so that my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren can hear the voice of an ancestor that they have never met. Hopefully my words and my spirit will resonate with them as well.

My journals will also be left behind so that my descendants can see the ideas that I had, the things, that I struggled with, and the victories I was able to experience. They will be able to read this bio of my life and know that my blood also flows through their veins. Blood that gives them an indomitable will to win and win big. And that hopefully I have given them a better starting line than I had. Hopefully I can encourage them to leave a legacy and have an impact. An impact on their own family for sure. Also, and even larger impact that maybe I was not able to get to in my own lifetime.

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But what about you? Are satisfied with life as it is? Are you satisfied with the inheritance that you are leaving? Are you okay with just going to work to make the money, to buy they food, to have the energy, to go to work to make the money. I would assume that if you stayed to read all the way here that you are probably like I was, I wanted to do better but just didn’t know how. Then I got a book. Which led to another. Which led to another. That led to new ideas and new ways of viewing the world that I would have never thought of if not for the books and the people that those books led me to. And so, because of all the information that was poured into me by the books and the people, I try to give some of that back. It is true what they say, “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” In fact the only thing that really can happen is you create more light and don’t we all need a little more light these days.


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