About Us


Welcome to SoulFire!


I have been asked multiple times why I wanted start SoulFire Clothing. The answer is really simple. When I would go to the store and look for clothes with a message I could get behind, I could never really find what I was looking for. Time after time the options available wouldn't fit my personality. I started out wanting to produce things that I would like to wear. That was, clothing and accessories that wore well, encouraged you and those around you, and could start a positive conversation.

In talking to some friends, I had the thought to launch SoulFire Clothing more than six years ago(2009) but did nothing. I came up with every reason why I couldn't but not enough reasons why I could. I could have found the resources with talents I didn't have. I could have found the people to educate me on the things I didn't know. But I didn't. I sat the idea to start a line of Christian and motivational graphic tees on the shelf. And until August 2017 that was where it stayed. Which is ironic because I wanted to create the clothes because I could never find the graphic tees that I really wanted to wear. So by not going with my ideas I was also hurting myself. (Major 🔑) To tell the truth I don't know what changed in August of 2017 but I finally dusted off that "old" idea based on a need that I had and decided to go for it. The brand would be based on Jeremiah 20:9 which talks about how God's word was a burning fire shut up in his bones and that he could not contain it. I wanted to provide and outlet for myself and others to be able to express what was on their mind. Then, since I am a person that likes to read personal development books, I also wanted to have shirts with motivational sayings. This is because I am  a person that believes that you receive in order to give. What I mean is that whatever you are able to give you first had to be poured into before you could pour into others. Whether that is finance, knowledge, wisdom, love, etc. 

There was just one very large problem when I started, I didn't have the talent to create any of the things I needed. It took far to long to find a solution but in 2017 , I finally got started. I started off with just the logo. Now there are about 8 different designs with about many more to come. I think that the balance is finally right because I had to find a supplier, change suppliers, find an e-commerce solution, change e-commerce platforms, and make changes to designs as we have moved forward.

Be on the lookout for great things to come! Lets be great together!